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Hi there! As you may have already guessed, “Sew Into It” is the product of our passion for sewing. Our love affair with sewing began in 2009 with the sudden inspiration to sew vintage bags. There was no turning back for us from that day onwards! We were hooked by the deep sense of self-fulfilment that sewing such simple crafts gave us.

Through sewing, we wanted to continuously experience this self-satisfaction that came with the completion of each project. And the best part was it could be easily achieved if the process was not too complicated! It was with this idea in mind that we started Sew Into It. By keeping our projects simple yet functional, together with our one-of-a-kind fabrics and accessories, we hope to make sewing an enjoyable experience for you as it is for us. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll be sew into it like we are!

SEWcial Agenda

At Sew Into It, we strongly believe in the importance of using one’s skills and talents for the benefit of others. Hence, SEWcial Agenda was started to help improve the lives of the underprivileged one stitch at a time! Key to SEWcial Agenda is our unique youth mentoring programme, LIVE It Up!, where we aim to foster a sense of agency in Youths At Risk (YAR) through the creative empowerment from sewing. The programme culminates in Give It Forward TO…(GIFT), a give-back programme where our YAR use sewing as a means to give back to other beneficiaries. In doing so, they not only pass on what they have gained from the programme to others, but learn that they can themselves be leaders and role models to others, and perhaps go on to effect societal change in the future.

Should you be keen to be part of our cause, please contact us at